Drywall Partition

Drywall Partition

If you need a quick and affordable solution to create a new room or space in your home or office. Drywall partition is the fastest and most affordable way to restructure existing space or create new functional spaces. A partition wall is a vertical panel made of lightweight material that divides space. To make a drywall partition soundproof or heat-resistant, the partition wall is reinforced by appropriate insulation materials. At Jaystone Renovation Contractor Singapore, our staff are trained to install drywall partitions from different gypsum board manufacturers.

If you require additional specifications such as soundproofing a private meeting room or insulating a partition wall with fire-retardant material, our experienced staff will be able to install the partition wall according to your exact specifications.

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Jaystone Renovation Contractor Singapore is the professional, affordable and high quality direct renovation contractor in Singapore.

Looking for a reliable and hassle-free way to engage a contractor for your HDB renovation, condo renovation or office renovation at affordable prices? Look no further! Jaystone Renovation Contractor Singapore provides Interior Designer quality at reasonable direct contractor pricing.

Our renovation services include home renovation, house renovation, kitchen renovation, bathroom and toilet renovation, HDB kitchen renovation, and more. We also provide specialized services, such as carpentry, false ceiling, drywall partition, plumbing, electrician services, flooring & tiling, floor waterproofing, glass services, shower screen services and more. Additionally, we extend our services to post renovation cleaning, which includes floor cleaning, floor polishing, vinyl floor deep cleaning, tile floor cleaning, marble floor polishing, parquet floor polishing, and more. Supported by a full suite of professional renovation consultation services, we will manage your renovation project from the start till the end with focus on quality workmanship and service.

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